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Simple shop for Drupal

DNN DotNetNuke Modules

DNN DotNetNuke module Projects:

  • Classsic CSS Search engine friendly multilevel menu navigation
  • CSS Search engine friendly side section navigation
  • Sitemap generator

Few of our search engine friendly DNN modules that are in development proces.

Certified IT professionals

PHP5 Certified Engineer    Microsoft certified Professional

PHP Leads Web 2.0

Web 2.0 means more to business than just using web based software. It is added value to your business regardless if you use it for your Web portals or backend applications. But what is all the fuzz around Web 2.0?

From the user point of view, Web 2.0 makes your world smaller and informations more accessible and this is an important point in the time that Internet has exploded. We can simply look it from two views:

- Frontend view or possibilities for your Web

- Backend view or possibilities for your company internal needs


Ajax that stands for asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a new use of an old JavaScript coding techniques. Ajax enables static web pages in retrieving data from the server asynchronously what results in a creation of interactive web applications.

WEB 2.0 applications development of LAMP based solutions

We are a team of skilled developers and designers. Specialized in WEB 2.0 solutions for business or general applications and portals. Our main focus is PHP based open source LAMP development, however when working in diverse platform environment (Linux and Windows), we enable communication within different environments being skilled in developing professional applications with Microsoft.NET framework.

First choice offshore partner

PHP server side scripting


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