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PHP Leads Web 2.0

Web 2.0 means more to business than just using web based software. It is added value to your business regardless if you use it for your Web portals or backend applications. But what is all the fuzz around Web 2.0?

From the user point of view, Web 2.0 makes your world smaller and informations more accessible and this is an important point in the time that Internet has exploded. We can simply look it from two views:

- Frontend view or possibilities for your Web

- Backend view or possibilities for your company internal needs

PHP was made for Web

And that's why this is our first choice. PHP has improved since it's early days as PHP/FI, PHP 3 and 4. Since introduction of PHP 5 that was endorsement of objects and OOP (Object Orientated Programing), it enables us to use some "modern" (OOP first emerged back in 1963) coding techniques. Explosion of Open Source material, frameworks, etc bring us a chance for Rapid development to fulfill the industry demands.

According to this month Elence study (30th of March 2009), PHP and mySQL are the top searched skills their database, where ASP.NET drops to 44th position. What looks like that the recession has boosted Open Software up to the top of web technology charts.

The fact is, that PHP and mySql were made for Web and therefore it is perfect technology choice.

Never the less, it is possible to use PHP for back-office services or to interchange data with your Microsoft environment.

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