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The list with content based projects, that have been done by our team members.

News & media

Developing portals and page segments for news and media related portals.


Developing portal segments or back-office applications with law related content, automatic or person driven (semi automatic) content analysis, transformation and importing into document databases.

Car, food and other Industry

Developing content related workflows for inner company needs on the person role based steps or content workflows that run in background.

General web development

Developing web pages & portals based on CMS framework or self standing with different general content and by implementing highly interactive web controls (Ajax or other client-side logics with JavaScript).


Applications for content transformation or communication between different business applications or databases etc

Technology based

Web services

Developing and maintaining of document storage system (.NET)


Designing database for work-flow systems and stock market database. creating Management analysis queries (MS SQL, MySQL, ORACLE)

Windows applications

Developing and maintaining of different applications and services for content management and automatic and semi automatic importing data (VB, VB.NET, C#.NET, C++, Turbo Pascal)

Web applications and portals

Development of web modules, supporting web applications and creating web pages and portals (PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, HTML, IDC)

Search engines

Implementing search engines into web ASP and ASP.NET portals (Verity search, Next, Fast)

Client scripting

Client logics and AJAX with JavaScript (and VBScript) or JavaScript frameworks such as Mootools and jQuery

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