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Software Architecture design

As a result of over 10 years of development business solutions and closely following the specific need of variety of different business (experiences), we have the ability to develop software infrastructure architecture .

Architecture approach can include different technologies, but with main focus of integrating LAMP solutions:
- data layer with data design
- Server Side Scripting
- web services
- Windows application
- back-office web
more in section: Web technology selection

Technical approach to Architecture development is using Object Orientated design (OOP)
techniques in programing with use of well tested Open Source objects and using pattern software design of core application components and database.


The process of Architecture development

takes a few needed steps (SLDC), before application is mature enough for deployment:

Time frame

is a key factor for all parts of application design. There can be a time frame as short as 1 month for small projects but can be much longer for larger projects.

Environment base

analysis to determine the usability of existing system, need to extension, tunels or rewriting of some parts.

Data design

to achieve maximum performance and scalability. To design efficient database we follow known best practices.

Object orientated approach

(OOP) is a recipe to achieve high level of modules isolation and upgradability.

Good performance tests

are needed after designing a few application models, before applying core architecture in to application. The idea behind develop secure, robust, stable, extendable ... in order to meet customer demands.

Coding and in process testing

and extended testing after development of alfa version.

Recoding of application parts

There is not many cases when an Alfa version is mature enough for deployment. The usual way is that in the process of development a new ideas come up and some parts have to be upgraded or partially rewrite.

Beta version

is in most cases mature enough for deployment, but careful is never careful enough. A beta version is needed step.

Delivering of version 1 and trimming afterwards

especially if this is a public web application. There are variety parameters and functions that can be trimmed or upgraded: language functions, SEO functionality...

Support and upgrades

is a part of developer life. As business grows and security issues emerge a support and upgrades are needed.

Eventually the customer needs are our first priority

All parts of designing and programing application can be trimmed to meet customer demands for time and found frame. Compromises are a part of our daily life. We tend to exercise them where they fit best and still fulfill the customer needs. This is sometimes called Rapid development.

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